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SP65 Alderflies, Lacewings and Spongeflies

SP65 Alderflies, Lacewings and Spongeflies
Freshwater Megaloptera and Neuroptera of Britain and Ireland: Keys to Adults and Larvae, and a Review of their Ecology
Author: J.M. Elliott
Published By: FBA, 2009 (reprinted 2012)
Format: Softcover, size A5, 71 pages
ISBN: 978-0900386-77-0

The aquatic Megaloptera and Neuroptera (alderflies, lacewings and spongeflies) are fascinating and important elements of the freshwater fauna. Their low species diversity – three families and seven species in Britain and Ireland – belies their ecological importance, while their distinctive appearance ensures that they are unlikely to be overlooked.

The FBA has long ensured that these small groups are identifiable, its first key to aquatic Megaloptera and Neuroptera being written by D.E. Kimmins and published in 1944, with subsequent editions in 1962 (SP No. 8, D.E. Kimmins), 1977 and 1996 (SP35 and SP54, J.M. Elliott). As before, this fifth edition provides keys for identifying the adults of three species of Sialis (in the Order Megaloptera), and keys for three species of Sisyra, and Osmylus fulvicephalus (in the Order Neuroptera). Keys are also given for the larvae, except those of Sisyra dalii which are still undiscovered. This is, however, more than simply a key to identification, with an updated section on life cycles and ecology summarising our knowledge of these fascinating animals and including a comprehensive reference list should further information be required.