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SP64 Adult Male Chironomidae (2 volumes sold as a set)

SP64 Adult Male Chironomidae (2 volumes sold as a set)
Keys to the Adult Male Chironomidae of Britain and Ireland

Volume 1: Introductory Text, Keys, References, Checklist and Index

Volume 2: Illustrations of the Hypopygia, and a Supplement Identifying Sixteen Recent Additions to the List of Chironomidae Recorded from Britain and Ireland

Author: P.H. Langton & L.C.V. Pinder. Illustrated by Angela M. Matthews & P.H. Langton
Published By: FBA, June 2007
Format: Softcover, size A5, Volume 1: 240 pages, Volume 2: 168 pages
ISBN: 978-0-900386-75-6

The FBA first published a Key to Adult Males of British Chironomidae by Dr Clive Pinder in 1978 (SP 37). This completely new edition is the result of more than ten years of painstaking collaboration between Drs Peter Langton and Clive Pinder. Peter is widely acknowledged as the foremost expert on identifying the pupal stages of chironomids in the British Isles and, like his co-author he is also an expert on the adults.

The long period of gestation for this latest publication in the FBA's series of Scientific Publications is due to numerous changes in taxonomy and much new research on the chironomids of western Europe. Information for identifying 16 newly-recorded species has been included in a supplement to Volume 2.

Altogether, this publication identifies males of 591 species from the British Isles, compared with 439 species in the 1978 key, an increase of one-third.

To accommodate the increased number of species, the authors provide nearly 1400 individual linedrawings arranged in 276 text-figures. A list of the 140 genera covered by the keys is provided for guidance and orientation when working through the numerous keys to genera and species, and an index also acts as a comprehensive checklist for species where adult males have been recorded from the British Isles.