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SP61 Case-bearing Caddis Larvae

SP61 Case-bearing Caddis Larvae
Keys to the Case-bearing Caddis Larvae of Britain and Ireland
Author: I.D. Wallace, B. Wallace & the late G.N. Philipson
Published By: FBA, 2003
Format: Softcover, size A5, 259 pages
ISBN: 978-0900386-70-1

This is an updated edition of the FBA's original key to case-bearing caddis larvae, by the same authors, published in 1990. It includes additional information on distribution and different instars and the text, illustrations and references reflect the considerable amount of work that has been carried out on the taxonomy and systematics of the families of case-bearing caddis (Trichoptera) since 1990. This edition incorporates improvements at several points in the text where some users of the 1990 edition have experienced confusion or difficulties, and also incorporates new couplets and text figures to help improve identification of several species. Additional notes on the key couplets are provided. The key comprises:

• checklist of case-bearing caddis

• notes on collection, preservation and examination, and on general features of caddis larvae

• key to families of case-bearing caddis larvae

• keys to species of case-bearing caddis larvae (one key for each family)

• 71 references.