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SP58 Triclads

SP58 Triclads
A Key to the Freshwater Triclads of Britain and Ireland, with Notes on their Ecology
Author: T.B. Reynoldson & J.O. Young
Published By: FBA, 2000
Format: Softcover, size A5, 72 pages
ISBN: 978-0900386-63-3

This is the third edition of the FBA's key to flatworms, following on from the second produced in 1978 (SP 23) and the original written in 1967. The key has been substantially rewritten and includes:

• a key to live specimens, including a recent addition to the British fauna

• an additional short key to preserved specimens

• notes on identification of cocoons

• information on the general biology of triclads, as well as species-specific biology and distribution

• over 150 references.

This edition is therefore more than just a key: it is a complete key and comprehensive account of the biology and distribution of freshwater triclads in Britain and Ireland.