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Tarns of the Fells

Tarns of the Fells
Tarns of the Fells: Celebrating Cumbria's Mountain Landscapes
Author: (Anon)
Published By: Flora of the Fells Project in partnership with Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The Freshwater Biological Association, 2005
Format: Softcover, 210 x 210 mm, 44 pages
ISBN: 0-9540506-2-2
Description: Please note: FBA discount does NOT apply.

Although tarns are synonymous with the Lake District, they occur across Cumbria and this book celebrates these areas of open water and the diversity of life within them. Ranging in size from that of a small lake to little more than a large puddle these spots of blue on the map reveal secrets about our landscape, are home to a range of remarkable creatures and have helped to shape our history. This beautifully illustrated book “Tarns of the Fells” has been produced by a partnership of conservation trusts (the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the Freshwater Biological Association and the Friends of the Lake District ) and brings together aspects of the origin of tarns, their natural history and their roles in art, literature and history.