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Moths Plus - Moths, Adult Aquatic Insects and Bats

8:00pm Friday 22nd June 2012
As part of National Moth Night and National Insect Week you are invited to come along to the Freshwater Biological
Association and discover the creatures that fly above the lake. The evening will include moth and bat talks, light trapping, other activities and a bat safari. Free, family event but please book as places are limited.

For further information, please see the flyer at

FBA involvement in new 'Science' paper

See "Continental-Scale Effects of Nutrient Pollution on Stream Ecosystem Functioning", just published in Science (Vol 336, pages 1438-1440, 15 June 2012), and including as co-authors FBA Director Mike Dobson and several other FBA members.

Riverfly Partnership Training Day

The FBA ran a Riverfly Partnership invertebrate monitoring training day on Saturday 9th June in collaboration with South Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency. The course was fully subscribed, and the trained participants will now begin monitoring local stretches of river using the Riverfly Partnership monitoring method. For more information on the Riverfly Partnership, please see If you are interested in undertaking Riverfly Partnership monitoring on your local river, please contact the FBA at

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