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Annual General Meeting 2019

We are holding the Annual General Meeting of the FBA at 10.00hrs on Wednesday 23 October 2019 at FBA Windermere, The Ferry Landing, Far Sawrey, Ambleside, Cumbria, UK and we would like to invite you to attend. We would be delighted to welcome members and others to this meeting. Please let know if you plan to attend, in order that we can provide sufficient refreshments. These will be served from 09.30hrs.
The meeting will cover the following business:

Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Freshwater Biological Association has been called for Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, at 10.00 hrs, at FBA Windermere, The Ferry Landing, Far Sawrey, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0LP. Members are invited to attend and the business of the meeting will include the receipt and adoption of the Annual Report and Accounts. The Annual Report and Accounts will be available here shortly.

Members will receive the invitation and notice of meeting directly.

Our Fellows

Fellows of the FBA are elected in recognition of their scientific excellence in freshwater ecology and/or their high-level contribution to the understanding and management of freshwater ecosystems. New Fellows are elected each year. Click here to read more


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