Vol 6, No 3 (2016)


Using dynamic factor analysis to show how sampling resolution and data gaps affect the recognition of patterns in limnological time series Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Rosana Aguilera, David M Livingstone, Rafael Marcé, Eleanor Jennings, Jaume Piera, Rita Adrian
Pages: 284-294
Downstream emissions of CH4 and CO2 from hydroelectric reservoirs (Tucuruí, Samuel, and Curuá-Una) in the Amazon basin Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Alexandre Kemenes, Bruce Rider Forsberg, John Michael Melack
Pages: 295-302
Aquatic invertebrate community structure of selected endorheic wetlands (pans) in South Africa Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX A PDF
Lizaan de Necker, Martin Ferreira, Johan Janse van Vuren, Wynand Malherbe
Pages: 303-313
Prediction of lake depth across a 17-state region in the U.S. Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Samantha Kay Oliver, Patricia A Soranno, C. Emi Fergus, Tyler Wagner, Luke A Winslow, Caren E Scott, Katherine E Webster, John A Downing, Emily H Stanley
Pages: 314-324
Temporal variability determines phytoplankton structure over spatial organization in a large, shallow, heterogeneous, subtropical lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Lacina Maria Freitas-Teixeira, Juliana Elisa Bohnenberger, Lúcia Helena Ribeiro Rodrigues, Uwe Horst Schulz, David Motta-Marques, Luciane Oliveira Crossetti
Pages: 325-335
Potential Allelopatic Impact of Potamogeton schweinfurthii on Cyanophytes in Lake Ziway, Ethiopia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Girum Tamire, Seyoum Mengistou, Gezahegn Degefe
Pages: 336-342
Absence of phosphorus at iron coatings on Elodea nuttallii roots point toward a redox mediated phosphorus uptake strategy; Implications for a root-microbe relationship. Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Susanne Halbedel (née Angelstein)
Pages: 343-351
An estimation of diel metabolic rates of eight limnological archetypes from Estonia using high-frequency measurements Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary Tables 1 Supplementary Tables 2
Fabien Cremona, Alo Laas, Peeter Nõges, Tiina Nõges
Pages: 352-363
Early-winter mixing event associated with baroclinic motions in weakly stratified Lake Biwa Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Hikaru Homma, Takeyoshi Nagai, Kenji Shimizu, Hidekatsu Yamazaki
Pages: 364-378
Assessing the influence of watershed characteristics on chlorophyll a in water bodies at global and regional scales Abstract Full text PDF
Whitney M Woelmer, Yu-Chun Kao, David B Bunnell, Andrew M Deines, David H Bennion, Mark W Rogers, Colin N Brooks, Michael J Sayers, David M Banach, Amanda G Grimm, Robert A Shuchman
Pages: 379-392
Special topic: Preface - monsoon influences on river and lake environments in Asia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John Jones, Young-Seuk Park, Bomchul Kim, Michio Kumagai, Lirong Song
Pages: 393-394
A scientometric study of the limnological societies: inferences of research collaboration and core topics based on publication networks Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary material PDF
Ji Yoon Kim, Gea-Jae Joo, Hyun-Woo Kim, Gu-Yeon Kim, Yuno Do
Pages: 395-405
The effects of Asian summer monsoon on algal blooms in reservoirs Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Sungmin Jung, Myoungsun Shin, Jaiku Kim, Jaesung Eum, Yunkyung Lee, Jaeyong Lee, Youngsoon Choi, Kyunga You, Jeffrey Owen, Bomchul Kim
Pages: 406-413
Effect of Indian Ocean Dipole signal on freshwater cyanobacterial dynamics Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary material
Kwang-Seuk Jeong, Gea-Jae Joo
Pages: 414-422
Potential effects of sediment processes on water quality of an artificial reservoir in the Asian monsoon region Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Kiyong Kim, Bomchul Kim, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Jaesung Eum, Youngsoon Choi, Sungmin Jung, Stefan Peiffer
Pages: 423-435
Absence of winter and spring monsoon changes water level and rapidly shifts metabolism in a subtropical lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jeng-Wei Tsai, Timothy Kratz, James Rusak, Wan-Yu Shih, Wen-Cheng Liu, Sen-Lin Tang, Chih-Yu Chiu
Pages: 436-448
Macrophyte species strongly affects changes in C, N, and P stocks in shallow lakes after a regime shift from macrophyte to phytoplankton dominance Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary material PDF
Haijun Wang, Hong Zhu Wang, Xiao Min Liang, Bao Zhu Pan, Sarian Kosten
Pages: 449-460
Responses of the functional diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates to floods and drought at small streams with different flow permanence Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary table PDF
Mi-Jung Bae, Young-Seuk Park
Pages: 461-475