Vol 6, No 2 (2016)


Val Houston Smith (1950–2016): empiricism in the service of theory Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John A. Downing
Pages: 123


Do persistent organic pollutants stimulate cyanobacterial blooms? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY 1 PDF SUPPLEMENTARY 2 PDF
Theodore Daniel Harris, Val H Smith
Pages: 124-130
Life on the stoichiometric knife-edge: effects of high and low food C:P ratio on growth, feeding, and respiration in three Daphnia species Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
James J Elser, Marcia Kyle, Jennifer Learned, Michelle L McCrackin, Angela Peace, Laura Steger
Pages: 136-146
Effects of Eutrophication on Maximum Algal Biomass in Lake and River Ecosystems Abstract Full text PDF
Val Smith
Pages: 147-154
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Eutrophication in Streams Abstract Full text PDF
Walter Dodds, Val H Smith
Pages: 155-164
Differences in phosphorus use between ancient and extant Daphnia genotypes alters algal stoichiometry and abundance Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury
Pages: 165-172
A 21-year record of sub-epilimnetic populations of Cryptomonas spp. Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Val Smith, Jude H Kastens
Pages: 173-184
Dynamics of silicon in lakes of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, and implications for diatom growth Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary material
Lisa Pearson, Chris H Hendy, David P Hamilton
Pages: 185-198
Combined effects of nitrogen to phosphorus ratios and nitrogen speciation on cyanobacterial metabolite concentrations in eutrophic Midwestern USA reservoirs Abstract Full text PDF Supplementary material PDF
Theodore Daniel Harris, Val Houston Smith, Jennifer L Graham, Dedmer B Van de Waal, Lenore P Tedesco, Nicolas Clercin
Pages: 199-210
Species-specific imprint of the phytoplankton assemblage on carbon isotopes and the carbon cycle in Lake Kinneret, Israel Abstract Full text PDF
Aram Goodwin, Jonathan Erez, Karl David Hambright, Nir Koren, Eugeni Barkan, Tamar Zohary
Pages: 211-223
Diatom responses to microenvironment structure within metaphyton mats Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Lynnette L Saunders, Susan S Kilham, Robert Verb
Pages: 224-233
Phytoplankton taxonomic compositional shifts across nitrogen and phosphorus concentration gradients in temperate lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary Table 1 PDF
Christopher T Filstrup, Adam J Heathcote, Daniel L Kendall, John A Downing
Pages: 234-249
Biomass pyramids in lake plankton: influence of Cyanobacteria size and abundance Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Adam J Heathcote, Christopher T Filstrup, Daniel Kendall, John A Downing
Pages: 250-257
Abundance and size distribution of permanent and temporary farm ponds in the southeastern Great Plains Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Matthew M Chumchal, Ray W Drenner, Kimberly J Adams
Pages: 258-264
Seasonal patterns in carbon dioxide in 15 mid-continent (USA) reservoirs Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John Jones
Pages: 265-272
Phosphorus and nitrogen loading restraints are essential for successful eutrophication control of Lake Rotorua, New Zealand Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Val H Smith, Susanna A Wood, Christopher McBride, Javier Atalah, David Hamilton, Jonathan Abell
Pages: 273-283

Research Briefs

PlanktoMetrix – a computerized system to support microscope counts and measurements of plankton Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Tamar Zohary, Mordechai Shneor, Karl David Hambright
Pages: 131-135