Vol 6, No 1 (2016)


Scaling relationships among drivers of aquatic respiration in temperate lakes: from the smallest to the largest freshwater ecosystems Abstract
Ed K. Hall, Don R. Schoolmaster Jr., Andre M. Amado, Edward G. Stets, Jay T. Lennon, Leah Domine, Jim B Cotner
Pages: 1-10
Monitoring by citizen scientists demonstrates water clarity of Maine (USA) lakes is stable, not declining, due to cultural eutrophication Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Daniel Evans Canfield Jr, Rooger W Bachmann, Dana B Stephens, Mark V Hoyer, Linda C Bacon, Scott Williams, Mathew Scott
Pages: 11-27
Invasive species induced food-web disruption, alternative regimes, and cyanobacteria dominance in a pelagic food web: a case history Abstract
Joseph C Makarewicz, Theodore W Lewis, Joyce A Makarewicz
Pages: 35-53
Invading the invaders: relationships of an exotic branchiobdellidan with its exotic host and environmental conditions Abstract
Iván Vedia, Rafael Miranda, Javier Oscoz, Enrique Baquero
Pages: 54-64
Effects of mire-originated dissolved organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus on microbial activity in boreal headwaters Abstract
Noora Helen Josefiina Räsänen
Pages: 65-76
Cyanobacteria in a tributary backwater area in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China Abstract
Yan Xiao, Zhe Li, Jingsong Guo, Jing Liu, Shengjun Wu
Pages: 77-88
Spatial distribution patterns of fish assemblages relative to macroinvertebrates and environmental conditions in Andean piedmont streams of the Colombian Amazon Abstract
Ibon Tobes, Sergio Gaspar, Marlon Peláez-Rodríguez, Rafael Miranda
Pages: 89-104
Geese as vectors of nitrogen and phosphorous to freshwater systems Abstract
Lisa Dessborn, Rebecca Hessel, Johan Elmberg
Pages: 111-122

Research Briefs

Reconstructing a trophic cascade following unintentional introduction of golden shiner to Lake Minnewaska, New York, USA Abstract
David C. Richardson
Pages: 29-33
The importance of flooded terrestrial habitats for larval fish in a semi-natural large floodplain (Volga, Russian Federation) Abstract
Konrad Górski, Joep De Leeuw, Hendrik Winter, Victoria Khoruzhaya, Vasily Boldyrev, Dmitry Vekhov, Leopold Nagelkerke
Pages: 105-110