Vol 5, No 4 (2015)


Altitudinal dependence of a statistically significant diel temperature cycle in Scottish lochs Abstract
Richard Iestyn Woolway, David M Livingstone, Martin Kernan
Pages: 311-316
Daphnia grazing, the clear water phase, and implications of minerogenic particles in Onondaga Lake Abstract
Steven W Effler, Michael E Spada, Rakesh K Gelda, Feng Peng, David A Matthews, Colleen M Kearns, Nelson G Hairston, Jr.
Pages: 317-330
Novel tests of regular seasonality, types of variability, and modes of succession in lake phytoplankton Abstract
Jack Talling, Ivan Heaney
Pages: 331-338
Long-term ecological studies on phytoplankton in Mediterranean reservoirs: a case study from Sardinia (Italy) Abstract
Maria Antonietta Mariani, Giuseppina Grazia Lai, Bachisio Mario Padedda, Silvia Pulina, Nicola Sechi, Tomasa Virdis, Antonella Lugliè
Pages: 339-354
Linking CDOM patterns in Cayuga Lake, New York, USA, to terrigenous inputs Abstract
Adam Joseph Peter Effler, Christopher M Strait, Steven W Effler, MaryGail Perkins, Anthony R Prestigiacomo, Kimberly L Schulz
Pages: 355-370
Nutrient dynamics and phytoplankton resource limitation in a deep tropical mountain lake Abstract
Jessica Regina Corman, Emily Carlson, Margaret Dix, Nancy Girón, Amber Roegner, Jana Veselá, Sudeep Chandra, James J Elser, Eliska Rejmánková
Pages: 371-386
Testing and application of a two-dimensional hydrothermal/transport model for a long, deep, and narrow lake with moderate Burger number Abstract
Rakesh K Gelda, Alexandra T King, Steven W Effler, Seth A Schweitzer, Edwin A Cowen
Pages: 387-402
Quantifications and water quality implications of minerogenic particles in Cayuga Lake, New York, and its tributaries Abstract
Feng Peng, Steven W Effler
Pages: 403-420
Warming shows differential effects on late-season growth and competitive capacity of Elodea canadensis and Potamogeton crispus in shallow lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Xiufeng Zhang, Rikke Odgaard, Birgit Olesen, Torben L Lauridsen, Lone Liboriussen, Martin Søndergaard, Zhengwen Liu, Erik Jeppesen
Pages: 421-432
Light absorption by phytoplankton and minerogenic particles in Cayuga Lake, New York Abstract
Adam Joseph Peter Effler, Feng Peng, Steven Effler, Christopher Strait, MaryGail Perkins, Kimberly Schulz
Pages: 433-450
Physicochemical influences on Ruppia tuberosa abundance and distribution mediated through life cycle stages Abstract
Daeheui Kim, Kane T Aldridge, George G Ganf, Justin D Brookes
Pages: 451-460