Vol 5, No 4 (2015)


Altitudinal dependence of a statistically significant diel temperature cycle in Scottish lochs Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Richard Iestyn Woolway, David M Livingstone, Martin Kernan
Pages: 311-316
Daphnia grazing, the clear water phase, and implications of minerogenic particles in Onondaga Lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Steven W Effler, Michael E Spada, Rakesh K Gelda, Feng Peng, David A Matthews, Colleen M Kearns, Nelson G Hairston, Jr.
Pages: 317-330
Novel tests of regular seasonality, types of variability, and modes of succession in lake phytoplankton Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jack Talling, Ivan Heaney
Pages: 331-338
Long-term ecological studies on phytoplankton in Mediterranean reservoirs: a case study from Sardinia (Italy) Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL - FIGURES
Maria Antonietta Mariani, Giuseppina Grazia Lai, Bachisio Mario Padedda, Silvia Pulina, Nicola Sechi, Tomasa Virdis, Antonella Lugliè
Pages: 339-354
Linking CDOM patterns in Cayuga Lake, New York, USA, to terrigenous inputs Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Adam Joseph Peter Effler, Christopher M Strait, Steven W Effler, MaryGail Perkins, Anthony R Prestigiacomo, Kimberly L Schulz
Pages: 355-370
Nutrient dynamics and phytoplankton resource limitation in a deep tropical mountain lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jessica Regina Corman, Emily Carlson, Margaret Dix, Nancy Girón, Amber Roegner, Jana Veselá, Sudeep Chandra, James J Elser, Eliska Rejmánková
Pages: 371-386
Testing and application of a two-dimensional hydrothermal/transport model for a long, deep, and narrow lake with moderate Burger number Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Rakesh K Gelda, Alexandra T King, Steven W Effler, Seth A Schweitzer, Edwin A Cowen
Pages: 387-402
Quantifications and water quality implications of minerogenic particles in Cayuga Lake, New York, and its tributaries Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Feng Peng, Steven W Effler
Pages: 403-420
Warming shows differential effects on late-season growth and competitive capacity of Elodea canadensis and Potamogeton crispus in shallow lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Xiufeng Zhang, Rikke Odgaard, Birgit Olesen, Torben L Lauridsen, Lone Liboriussen, Martin Søndergaard, Zhengwen Liu, Erik Jeppesen
Pages: 421-432
Light absorption by phytoplankton and minerogenic particles in Cayuga Lake, New York Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Adam Joseph Peter Effler, Feng Peng, Steven Effler, Christopher Strait, MaryGail Perkins, Kimberly Schulz
Pages: 433-450
Physicochemical influences on Ruppia tuberosa abundance and distribution mediated through life cycle stages Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Daeheui Kim, Kane T Aldridge, George G Ganf, Justin D Brookes
Pages: 451-460