Vol 5, No 3 (2015)


Predicting eutrophication status in reservoirs at large spatial scales using landscape and morphometric variables Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE S1
Lesley B Knoll, Elisabeth J Hagenbuch, Martin H Stevens, Michael J Vanni, William H Renwick, Jonathan C Denlinger, R. Scott Hale, Maria J Gonzalez
Pages: 203-214
Are catfish from metal-polluted impoundments in the Olifants River, South Africa, safe for human consumption? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Sean Murray Marr, Antoinette Jooste, Abraham Addo-Bediako, Wilmien J Luus-Powell
Pages: 215-223
Causal analysis of phytoplankton development in a small humic lake using structural equation modelling Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Anita Pätynen, Niina Kotamäki, Lauri Arvola, Tiina Tulonen, Olli Malve
Pages: 231-239
Effects of extreme inflows on the water quality and phytoplankton of seven reservoirs in subtropical Australia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX S1 - S2
Catherine Leigh, Andrew Watkinson, Michele Burford
Pages: 240-252
Cryptic diversity of Japanese Diaphanosoma (Crustacea: Cladocera) revealed by morphological and molecular assessments Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE S1 SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE S2
Csilla Lakatos, Jotaro Urabe, Wataru Makino
Pages: 253-262
Diversity and composition of macroinvertebrate assemblages in high-altitude Tibetan streams Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX 1 APPENDIX 2
Søren Kock Laursen, Ladislav Hamerlik, Karen Moltesen, Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen, Dean Jacobsen
Pages: 263-274
Phosphorus transport by the largest Amazon tributary (Madeira River, Brazil) and its sensitivity to precipitation and damming Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Rafael M Almeida, Lars Tranvik, Vera LM Huszar, Sebastian Sobek, Raquel Mendonça, Nathan Barros, Gina Boemer, João Durval Arantes Jr., Fábio Roland
Pages: 275-282
Effects of environmental and spatial variables on lotic ostracod metacommunity structure in the Iberian Peninsula Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Andreu Escrivà, Jose Manuel Poquet, Francesc Mesquita-Joanes
Pages: 283-294
Contrasting pelagic plankton in temperate Irish lakes: the relative contribution of heterotrophic, mixotrophic, and autotrophic components, and the effects of extreme rainfall events Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Karin Sparber, Catherine Dalton, Elvira de Eyto, Eleanor Jennings, David Lenihan, Filippo Cassina
Pages: 295-310

Research Briefs

Summer methane ebullition from a headwater catchment in Northeastern Siberia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL - FIGURES SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE ST1 SUPPLEMENTARY METHODS
Seth A Spawn, Samuel T Dunn, Greg J Fiske, Susan M Natali, John D Schade, Nikita S Zimov
Pages: 224-230