Vol 5, No 1 (2015)


Does lake size matter? Combining morphology and process modeling to examine the contribution of lake classes to population-scale processes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Luke Adam Winslow, Jordan S Read, Paul C Hanson, Emily H Stanley
Pages: 7-14
Storm-triggered, increased supply of sediment-derived phosphorus to the epilimnion in a small freshwater lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Lucy Crockford, Phil Jordan, Alice R Melland, David Taylor
Pages: 15-26
Riparian forest as a management tool for moderating future thermal conditions of lowland temperate streams Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Peter Brinkmann Kristensen, Esben Astrup Kristensen, Tenna Riis, Anette Baisner Alnoee, Søren Larsen, Piet Verdonschot, Annette Baattrup-Pedersen
Pages: 27-38
Do freshwater gastropods avoid the benthic cyanobacterium Lyngbya wollei? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Anna Visconti, Antonella Cattaneo, Pierre Gagnon, Christiane Hudon
Pages: 39-48
A Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) for synthesising high–frequency sensor data for validation of deterministic ecological models Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
David P Hamilton, Cayelan C Carey, Lauri Arvola, Peter Arzberger, Carol Brewer, Jon J Cole, Evelyn Gaiser, Paul C Hanson, Bas W Ibelings, Eleanor Jennings, Tim K Kratz, Fang-Pang Lin, Chris G McBride, David de Motta Marques, Kohji Muraoka, Ami Nishri, Boqiang Qin, Jordan S Read, Kevin C Rose, Elizabeth Ryder, Kathleen Weathers, Guangwei Zhu, Dennis Trolle, Justin D Brookes
Pages: 49-56
Lake–landscape connections at the forest–tundra transition of northern Manitoba Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL FIGURE S1 SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE S1 SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TABLE S2
Charles Umbanhowar Jr, Philip Camill, Mark B Edlund, Christoph Geiss, Patrick Henneghan, Kendra Passow
Pages: 57-74

Research Briefs

Is there a role for freshwater protected areas in the conservation of migratory fish? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Shannon D Bower, Robert J Lennox, Steven J Cooke
Pages: 1-6
Responses of epiphytic aquatic macroinvertebrates to hypoxia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Mariana Carolina Teixeira, Mary Pat Budd, David L Strayer
Pages: 75-80
Experimental comparison of periphyton removal by chironomid larvae and Daphnia magna Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Aldoushy Mahdy, Ulrike Scharfenberger, Rita Adrian, Sabine Hilt
Pages: 81-88
An alien ectosymbiotic branchiobdellidan (Annelida: Clitellata) adopting exotic crayfish: a biological co-invasion with unpredictable consequences Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Ivan Vedia, Javier Oscoz, Juan Rueda, Rafael Miranda, Eduardo M García-Roger, Enrique Baquero, Stuart R Gelder
Pages: 89-92