Vol 4, No 3 (2014)


Proceedings of the Plankton Ecology Group (PEG) Workshop in Mexico City (12–18 February 2012) Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
SSS Sarma, Ramesh Gulati, S Nandini
Pages: 255-256
A review of typhloplanid flatworm ecology, with emphasis on pelagic species Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Henri J Dumont, Arnola C Rietzler, Han Bo-Ping
Pages: 257-270
Effect of food density of Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata and Chlorella vulgaris on the population growth rates of four brachionid rotifers Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Cristian Alberto Espinosa-Rodríguez, Ligia Rivera-De la Parra, SSS Sarma, S Nandini
Pages: 271-278
Species richness and diversity of benthic diatom communities in tropical mountain streams of Mexico Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Miriam Garcia Bojorge, Javier Carmona, Rocio Ramírez
Pages: 279-292
Diversity and abundance of rotifers during an annual cycle in the reservoir Valerio Trujano (Tepecoacuilco, Guerrero, Mexico) Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
A Vázquez-Sánchez, G Reyes-Vanegas, S Nandini, SSS Sarma
Pages: 293-302
Summer spatial variations in phytoplankton composition and biomass in surface waters of a warm-temperate, deep, oligo-holomictic lake: Lake Iseo, Italy Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Barbara Leoni, Clelia Luisa Marti, Jorg Imberger, Letizia Garibaldi
Pages: 303-310
Development of crustacean plankton in a shallow, polyhumic reservoir in the first 20 years after impoundment (northeast Poland) Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Andrzej Górniak, Maciej Karpowicz
Pages: 311-318
Effect of cyanobacterium on competition between rotifers: a population growth study Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Quiqi Lin, SSS Sarma, S Nandini, Bo-Ping Han
Pages: 319-326
Microcystin-LR equivalents and their correlation with Anabaena spp. in the main reservoir of a hydraulic system of Central Mexico Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jose Luis Alillo-Sanchez, Martha Gaytan-Herrera, Victor Martinez-Almeida, Pedro Ramirez-Garcia
Pages: 327-336
Phytoplankton composition changes during water level fluctuations in a high-altitude, tropical reservoir Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
María Elena Valeriano-Riveros, Gloria Vilaclara, Fermín Sergio Castillo-Sandoval, Martin Merino-Ibarra
Pages: 337-348