Vol 4, No 2 (2014)


Holocene paleolimnological changes of Lake Oyako-ike in the Soya Kaigan of East Antarctica Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Genki Matsumoto et al.
Pages: 105-112
A long-term study of the factors that influence compositional stability of stream invertebrates Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Richard Marchant, John Dean
Pages: 113-120
Phosphorus enrichment of the oligotrophic River Rede (Northumberland, UK) has no effect on periphyton growth rate Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Stephanie Jane McCall, Michael John Bowes, Tanya A Warnaars, Michelle S Hale, James T Smith, Alan Warwick, Cyril Barrett
Pages: 121-132
Phytoplankton absorption and the chlorophyll a–specific absorption coefficient in dynamic Onondaga Lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
MaryGail Perkins, Steven W Effler, Christopher M Strait
Pages: 133-146
Alterations in the photomineralization of allochthonous DOM related to elevated atmospheric CO2 Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Dina M Leech, Matthew T Snyder, Robert Wetzel
Pages: 147-156
Evaluating a fast headspace method for measuring DIC and subsequent calculation of pCO2 in freshwater systems Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jan Åberg, Marcus B Wallin
Pages: 157-166
Evaluation of empirical models coupled with EUTROMOD for water quality prediction in Kansas reservoirs Abstract FULL TEXT PDF Supplementary Material
Lindsey M Witthaus, Val H Smith, Belinda SM Sturm, Edward Carney
Pages: 167-178
Partitioning the contributions of minerogenic particles and bioseston to particulate phosphorus and turbidity Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Steven W Effler, Anthony R Prestigiacomo, Feng Peng, Rakesh Gelda, David A Matthews
Pages: 179-192
How does interannual trophic variability caused by vertical water mixing affect reproduction and population density of the Daphnia longispina group in Lake Iseo, a deep stratified lake in Italy? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Barbara Leoni, Letizia Garibaldi, Ramesh Gulati
Pages: 193-203
Radiocesium contamination of lake sediments and fish following the Fukushima nuclear accident and their partition coefficient Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Takehiko Fukushima, Hiroyuki Arai
Pages: 204-214
Assigning hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen isotope values for phytoplankton and terrestrial detritus in aquatic food web studies Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Carol Yang, Grace M Wilkinson, Jonathan J Cole, Stephen A Macko, Michael L Pace
Pages: 233-242
Low disturbances favor steady state: case of cyanobacterial monodominance in a Brazilian coastal lagoon Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Melissa G Baptista, Brigitte Nixdorf
Pages: 243-254

Plenary Lectures (incl. Baldi & Kilham Lectures)

Limnology and oceanography: two estranged twins reuniting by global change Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John A Downing
Pages: 215-232