Vol 4, No 1 (2014)


Water quality implications from three decades of phosphorus loads and trophic dynamics in the Yahara chain of lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Richard C Lathrop, Stephen R Carpenter
Pages: 1-14
Eutrophication reverses whole-lake carbon budgets Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Felipe Siqueira Pacheco, Fabio Roland, John A. Downing
Pages: 41-48
Predicting impacts of an invading copepod by ecological assessment in the animal's native range Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Karl E Havens, John R Beaver
Pages: 49-56
Variations in sediment organic carbon between different types of small natural ponds along Druridge Bay, Northumberland, UK Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Peter John Gilbert, Scott Taylor, David Cooke, Martin Cooke, Michael Jeffries
Pages: 57-64
Methane cycling dynamics in sediments of Alaskan Arctic Foothill lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Kristen A. Bretz, Stephen C. Whalen
Pages: 65-78
Relationships between lake transparency, thermocline depth, and sediment oxygen demand in Arctic lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Kenneth Fortino, Stephen C Whalen, Cody R Johnson
Pages: 79-90
Bioaccumulation of microcystins in the food web: a field study of four Swedish lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Daniel Larson, Gunnel Ahlgren, Eva Willén
Pages: 91-104

Plenary Lectures (incl. Baldi & Kilham Lectures)

Morphological analysis of phytoplankton as a tool to assess ecological state of aquatic ecosystems: the case of Lake Arancio, Sicily, Italy Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Luigi Naselli-Flores
Pages: 15-26
Impact of climate warming on European inland waters Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Martin Dokulil
Pages: 27-40