Vol 3, No 4 (2013)

Plenary Lectures (incl. Baldi & Kilham Lectures)

Socio-ecological complexity and the restoration of river ecosystems Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Robert Joseph Naiman
Pages: 391-410


High potential subsidy of dry-season aquatic fauna to consumers in riparian zones of wet–dry tropical rivers Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX A
Catherine Leigh, Terence M Reis, Fran Sheldon
Pages: 411-420
Diel and seasonal patterns in water quality continuously monitored at a fixed site on the tidal freshwater Potomac River Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
R Christian Jones, Alexander P Graziano
Pages: 421-436
Effects of Suspended Sediments on Seston Food Quality for Zebra Mussels in Lake Markermeer, The Netherlands Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Willemijntje Elise Penning, Lara Pozzato, Thomas Vijverberg, Ruurd Noordhuis, Abraham Bij de Vaate, Ellen Van Donk, Miguel Dionisio Pires
Pages: 437-450
The effect of nutrient concentrations and ratios on periphyton biomass in low conductivity streams: implications for determination of nutrient limitation Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Mohamed Salem Elsaholi, Mary Kelly-Quinn
Pages: 451-458
An independently corroborated, diatom-inferred record of long-term drought cycles occurring over the last two millennia in New Mexico, USA Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jay Y.S. Hodgson, Amelia K. Ward, Clifford N. Dahm
Pages: 459-472
Temporal variation of periphyton communities: a 3-year study from northwest Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION
Nandakumar Kanavillil, Sreekumari Kurissery
Pages: 473-486