Vol 3, No 3 (2013)


A new pathway of freshwater methane emissions and the putative importance of microbubbles Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Yves Prairie, Paul del Giorgio
Pages: 311-320
Effects of physical disturbance on phosphorus uptake in temperate stream biofilms Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Keith J Price, Hunter J Carrick
Pages: 321-330
The ecology of the riverine Garra species (Teleostei, Cypriniformes) in reservoirs of the semi-arid highlands of northern Ethiopia: temporal dynamics of feeding activity Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Mekonen Teferi, Steven A.J. Declerck, Tom De Bie, Abraha Gebrekidan, Tsehaye Asmelash, Tadesse Dejenie, Hans Bauer, Jozef Deckers, Jos Snoeks, Luc De Meester
Pages: 331-340
The physical impact of the late 1980s climate regime shift on Swiss rivers and lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Ryan P North, David M Livingstone, Renata E Hari, Oliver Köster, Pius Niederhauser, Rolf Kipfer
Pages: 341-350
Effects of pH and specific conductance confound the use of the Florida Lake Vegetation Index to identify anthropogenic eutrophication Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Roger W Bachmann, Mark V Hoyer, Daniel E Canfield
Pages: 351-358
Abundance of larval native and nonnative fishes in floodplain habitats of the lower Waikato River, New Zealand Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Nicholas Wu, Konrad Górski, Adam Joshua Daniel
Pages: 359-368
Effects of diurnal vertical mixing and stratification on phytoplankton productivity in geothermal Lake Rotowhero, New Zealand Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Justin Dean Brookes, Katherine R. O'Brien, Michele A. Burford, Denise A. Bruesewitz, Ben R. Hodges, Chris McBride, David P. Hamilton
Pages: 369-376
Characterizations and modeling of turbidity in a water supply reservoir following an extreme runoff event Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Rakesh K Gelda, Steven W Effler, Anthony R Prestigiacomo, Feng Peng, Adam J.P. Effler, Bruce A Wagner, MaryGail Perkins, David M O'Donnell, Susan M O'Donnell, Donald C Pierson
Pages: 377-390