Vol 3, No 2 (2013)


PREFACE TO SPECIAL THEME, PART 2: Summary of Lake Simcoe's past, present and future Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Michelle Elaine Palmer, Véronique P Hiriart-Baer, Rebecca L North, Michael D Rennie
Pages: 119-124
Nutrients and toxic contaminants in shallow groundwater along Lake Simcoe urban shorelines Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
James W Roy, Amanda Malenica
Pages: 125-138
Dissolved organic matter quantity and quality in Lake Simcoe compared to two other large lakes in southern Ontario Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Veronique Hiriart-Baer, Caren Binding, Todd E Howell
Pages: 139-152
Mapping key agricultural sources of dust emissions within the Lake Simcoe airshed Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Lee Weiss, Eleanor A Stainsby, Bahram Gharabaghi, Jesse Thé, Jennifer G Winter
Pages: 153-166
Better management of construction sites to protect inland waters Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
William R. Trenouth, Bahram Gharabaghi, Andrea Bradford, Glenn MacMillan
Pages: 167-178
Spatial distribution and temporal variability in the forms of phosphorus in the Beaver River subwatershed of Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jennifer J Miles, Peter J Dillon, Catherine M Eimers, Rebecca North
Pages: 179-186
Phosphorus dynamics across intensively monitored subcatchments in the Beaver River Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Helen Margaret Baulch, Martyn N Futter, Li Jin, Paul G Whitehead, David T Woods, Peter J Dillon, Dan A Butterfield, Stephen K Oni, Lance P Aspden, Eavan M O’Connor, Jill Crossman
Pages: 187-206
Modelling phosphorus in Lake Simcoe and its subcatchments: scenario analysis to assess alternative management strategies Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Li Jin, Paul G Whitehead, Helen M Baulch, Peter J Dillon, Dan A Butterfield, Stephen K Oni, Martyn N Futter, Jill Crossman, Eavan M O’Connor
Pages: 207-220
Nutrient indicators of agricultural impacts in the tributaries of a large lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Rebecca Lee North, Jennifer G. Winter, Peter J. Dillon
Pages: 221-234
Year-round patterns in bacterial production and biomass in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada: are heterotrophic bacteria a significant contributor to low hypolimnetic oxygen? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Christina J Quinn, Rebecca L North, Peter J Dillon
Pages: 235-252
Nearshore–offshore differences in planktonic chlorophyll and phytoplankton nutrient status after dreissenid establishment in a large shallow lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Stephanie Guildford, David Depew, Ted Ozersky, Robert Hecky, Ralph Smith
Pages: 253-268
Impacts of hydrodynamics and benthic communities on phytoplankton distributions in a large, dreissenid-colonized lake (Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada) Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Astrid Schwalb, Damien Bouffard, Tedy Ozersky, Leon Boegman, Ralph Elliott Henry Smith
Pages: 269-284
Long-term seasonal effects of dreissenid mussels on phytoplankton in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Kamila Baranowska, Rebecca Lee North, Jennifer Winter, Peter Dillon
Pages: 285-296
Increased dependence on nearshore benthic resources in the Lake Simcoe ecosystem after dreissenid invasion Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Michael David Rennie, David O Evans, Joelle D Young
Pages: 297-310