Vol 3, No 1 (2013)


The interplay of local and regional factors in generating temporal changes in the ice phenology of Dickie Lake, south-central Ontario, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Huaxia Yao, James Rusak, Andrew Paterson, Keith Somers, Murray Mackay, Robert Girard, Ron Ingram, Christopher McConnell
Pages: 1-14
Accumulation of low oxygen water in deep waters of ice-covered lakes cooled below 4 °C Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Merja Johanna Pulkkanen, Kalevi Salonen
Pages: 15-24
Light scattering and Secchi depth in an oligotrophic lake: Insights from an individual particle analysis technique Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Feng Peng, Steven W Effler
Pages: 25-38
PREFACE TO SPECIAL THEME, PART 1: Toward a better understanding of Lake Simcoe through integrative and collaborative monitoring and research Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Michelle Elaine Palmer, Véronique P Hiriart-Baer, Rebecca L North, Michael D Rennie
Pages: 47-50
The state of Lake Simcoe (Ontario, Canada): the effects of multiple stressors on phosphorus and oxygen dynamics Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Rebecca Lee North et al.
Pages: 51-74
Dynamics of the invasive spiny water flea, Bythotrephes longimanus, in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Noreen E Kelly, Joelle D Young, Jennifer G Winter, Norman D Yan
Pages: 75-92
Investigation of the prevalence of thermophilic Campylobacter species at Lake Simcoe recreational beaches Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Izhar Khan, Thomas A Edge
Pages: 93-104
Evaluating relationships between sediment chemistry and anoxic phosphorus and iron release across three different water bodies Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Pei Sun Loh, Lewis A Molot, Gertrud K Nurnberg, Susan B Watson, Brian Ginn
Pages: 105-118

Research Briefs

Sediment organic carbon distribution in 4 small northern Missouri impoundments: implications for sampling and carbon sequestration Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Brady Pittman, John R Jones, Joshua J Millspaugh, Robert J Kremer, John A Downing
Pages: 39-46