Vol 2, No 3 (2012)


Silicon as a permanent-carbon sedimentation tracer Abstract
Elizabeth Sikar, Bohdan Matvienko, Marco Aurelio dos Santos, Sambasiva Patchineelam, Ednaldo Santos, Marcelo Silva, Carlos Rocha, Andre Cimbleris, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa
Pages: 119-128
Spatial-temporal analysis of water temperatures during spring in Lake Erhai, China: implications for fisheries Abstract
Hiroki Yamanaka, Toshifumi Minamoto, Deyi Wu, Hainan Kong, Zhihong Wei, Bin Liu, Zen'ichiro Kawabata
Pages: 129-136
Phytoplankton dynamics in a shallow lake dominated by common water milfoil Abstract
Kerstin Häggqvist, Tore Lindholm
Pages: 137-146
Internal phosphorus load estimation during biomanipulation in a large polymictic and mesotrophic lake Abstract
Gertrud K. Nurnberg, Marjo Tarvainen, Anne-Mari Ventelä, Jouko Sarvala
Pages: 147-162

Research Briefs

Otolith microchemistry of koi carp in the Waikato region, New Zealand: a tool for identifying recruitment locations? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jennifer Blair, Brendan J Hicks
Pages: 109-118