Vol 2, No 3 (2012)


Silicon as a permanent-carbon sedimentation tracer Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPORTING INFORMATION
Elizabeth Sikar, Bohdan Matvienko, Marco Aurelio dos Santos, Sambasiva Patchineelam, Ednaldo Santos, Marcelo Silva, Carlos Rocha, Andre Cimbleris, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa
Pages: 119-128
Spatial-temporal analysis of water temperatures during spring in Lake Erhai, China: implications for fisheries Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Hiroki Yamanaka, Toshifumi Minamoto, Deyi Wu, Hainan Kong, Zhihong Wei, Bin Liu, Zen'ichiro Kawabata
Pages: 129-136
Phytoplankton dynamics in a shallow lake dominated by common water milfoil Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Kerstin Häggqvist, Tore Lindholm
Pages: 137-146
Internal phosphorus load estimation during biomanipulation in a large polymictic and mesotrophic lake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
Gertrud K. Nurnberg, Marjo Tarvainen, Anne-Mari Ventelä, Jouko Sarvala
Pages: 147-162

Research Briefs

Otolith microchemistry of koi carp in the Waikato region, New Zealand: a tool for identifying recruitment locations? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jennifer Blair, Brendan J Hicks
Pages: 109-118