Vol 1, No 2 (2011)


Editorial Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John Jones
Nutrient and light limitation of algal biomass in selected streams in Ireland Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Mohamed Salem Elsaholi, Edal Hannigan, Mary Kelly-Quinn
Pages: 74-80
Cyanotoxin production in seven Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Eva Willén, Gunnel Ahlgren, Girma Tilahun, Lisa Spoof, Milla-Riina Neffling, Jussi Meriluoto
Pages: 81-91
Limnological measures related to climate change in the Hubbard Brook Valley, USA Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Gene E Likens
Pages: 93-99
CO2 and CH4 diffusive and degassing fluxes from 2003 to 2009 at Eastmain 1 reservoir, Québec, Canada Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Julie Bastien, Maud Demarty, Alain Tremblay
Pages: 113-123
Do channel restoration structures promote ammonium uptake and improve macroinvertebrate-based water quality classification in urban streams? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX A
Stacy Lynn Hines, Anne E. Hershey
Pages: 133-145

Research Briefs

Allied attack: climate change and eutrophication Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Brian Moss, Sarian Kosten, Marianna Meerhof, Richard Battarbee, Erik Jeppesen, Nestor Mazzeo, Karl Havens, Giselle Lacerot, Zengwhen Liu, Luc de Meester, Hans Paerl, Marten Scheffer
Pages: 101-105
Body size versus taxonomy in relating zooplankton to water quality in lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Karl Havens, John Beaver
Pages: 107-112
Carbon dioxide concentrations in eutrophic lakes: undersaturation implies atmospheric uptake Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Michelle Bea Balmer, John A Downing
Pages: 125-132