Vol 6, No 4 (2016)

Articles published to date:


Insights from the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Abstract Full text PDF
Kevin C Rose, Kathleen C Weathers, David P Hamilton
Pages: 476-482
The response of a humic lake ecosystem to an extreme precipitation event: physical, chemical and biological implications Abstract Full text PDF
Elvira de Eyto, Eleanor Jennings, Elizabeth Ryder, Karin Sparber, Mary Dillane, Catherine Dalton, Russell Poole
Pages: 483-498
Water column stability and summer phytoplankton dynamics in a temperate lake (Lake Erken, Sweden) Abstract Full text PDF Supplementary Table 1 PDF Supplementary table 2
Yang Yang, Colom William, Don Pierson, Pettersson Kurt
Pages: 499-508
Quantifying pelagic phosphorus regeneration using three methods in lakes of varying productivity Abstract Full text PDF
Lesley B. Knoll, Anne Morgan, Michael J. Vanni, Taylor H. Leach, Tanner J. Williamson, Jennifer A. Brentrup
Pages: 509-522
Response of boreal lakes to episodic weather-induced events Abstract Full text PDF
Jonna Kristiina Kuha, Lauri Arvola, Paul C Hanson, Jussi Huotari, Timo Huttula, Janne Juntunen, Marko Järvinen, Kari Kallio, Mirva Ketola, Kirsi Kuoppamäki, Ahti Lepistö, Annalea Lohila, Riku Paavola, Jussi Vuorenmaa, Luke A Winslow, Juha Karjalainen
Pages: 523-534
Changes in water temperature and chemistry preceding a massive kill of bottom-dwelling fish: an analysis of high–frequency buoy data of shallow Lake Võrtsjärv (Estonia) Abstract Full text PDF
Külli Kangur, Kai Ginter, Peeter Kangur, Andu Kangur, Peeter Nõges, Alo Laas
Pages: 535542
Networked lake science: how the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) works to understand, predict and communicate lake ecosystem response to global change Abstract Full text PDF
Paul C Hanson, Kathleen C Weathers, Timothy K Kratz
Pages: 543-554
High-frequency lake data benefits society through broader engagement with citizens, stakeholders, and decision makers: a synthesis of GLEON data use survey and member experiences Abstract Full text PDF
Robyn L Smyth, Alicia Caruso, Lisa Borre, Guangwei Zhu, Mengyuan Zhu, Amy L Hetherington, Eleanor Jennings, Jennifer L Klug, Maria Cintia Piccolo, James A Rusak, Kathleen C Weathers, Courtney Wigdahl-Perry
Pages: 555-564
The potential of high-frequency profiling to assess vertical and seasonal patterns of phytoplankton dynamics in lakes: An extension of the Plankton Ecology Group (PEG) model Abstract Full text PDF
Jennifer A Brentrup, Craig E Williamson, William Colom-Montero, Werner Eckert, Elvira de Eyto, Hans-Peter Grossart, Yannick Huot, Peter DF Isles, Lesley B Knoll, Taylor H Leach, Chris G McBride, Don Pierson, Francesco Pomati, Jordan S Read, Kevin C Rose, Nihar R Samal, Peter A Stæhr, Luke A Winslow
Pages: 565-580
Consequences of gas flux model choice on the interpretation of metabolic balance across 15 lakes Abstract Full text PDF
Hilary Dugan, R. Iestyn Woolway, Arianto Santoso, Jessica Corman, Aline Jaimes, Emily Nodine, Vijay Patil, Jacob Zwart, Jennifer Brentrup, Amy Hetherington, Samantha Oliver, Jordan Read, Kirsten Winters, Paul Hanson, Emily Read, Luke Winslow, Kathleen Weathers
Pages: 581-592
Global patterns of light saturation and photoinhibition of lake primary production Abstract Full text PDF
Peter Anton Staehr, Ludmila S. Brighenti, Mark Honti, Jesper Philip Aagaard Christensen, Kevin C. Rose
Pages: 593-607
Robust estimation of lake metabolism by coupling high frequency dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll fluorescence data in a Bayesian framework Abstract Full text PDF Supplementary material PDF
Mark Honti, Vera Istvanovics, Peter Anton Staehr, Ludmilla S Brighenti, Mengyuan Zhu, Guangwei Zhu
Pages: 608-621
LakeMetabolizer: An R package for estimating lake metabolism from free-water oxygen using diverse statistical models Abstract Full text PDF
Luke A. Winslow, Jacob A. Zwart, Ryan D. Batt, Hilary Dugan, R. Iestyn Woolway, Jessica Corman, Paul C. Hanson, Jordan S. Read
Pages: 622-636
Generating community-built tools for data sharing and analysis in environmental networks Abstract Full text PDF
Jordan S Read, Corinna Gries, Emily K Read, Jennifer Klug, Paul C Hanson, Matthew Hipsey, Eleanor Jennings, Catherine O'Reilley, Luke A Winslow, Don Pierson, Christopher McBride, David Hamilton
Pages: 637-644
Hierarchical effect of local factors on zooplankton species diversity Abstract Full text PDF Supplementary material PDF
Louizi de Souza Magalhães Braghin, Nadson Ressyé Simões, Claudia Costa Bonecker
Pages: 645-654