Inland Waters, Vol 6, No 3 (2016)

Special topic: Preface - monsoon influences on river and lake environments in Asia

John Jones, Young-Seuk Park, Bomchul Kim, Michio Kumagai, Lirong Song
Pages: 393-394


The 16th International Symposium on River and Lake Environments (ISRLE 2014) was held 24–27 August 2014, Chuncheon, Korea, as a forum for information exchange on the progress in various aspects of freshwater science. Among the various topics presented on river and lake ecosystems at the symposium, we selected papers on the influence of monsoons on aquatic ecosystems for this special session. Monsoons are a widespread weather occurrence in much of Asia, usually associated with heavy rains, affecting physical and chemical environmental conditions in river and lake ecosystems. Limited information is available on how the Asian monsoon influences seasonal patterns and interannual variation. A better understanding of how summer monsoon inflow determines flow patterns and nutrient and sediment loads will provide a framework to better comprehend existing conditions and construct regional models for resource decisions. This collection of 7 papers contributes to that goal.
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