Freshwater Reviews

Editor - Professor Colin S. Reynolds

Freshwater Reviews is a peer-reviewed, international journal that aims to provide comprehensive, modern reviews of topics in the freshwater sciences. Members of the Freshwater Biological Association are entitled to to a discount on the subscription rate.

Freshwater Reviews is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to enhancing the understanding of inland waters. The content of review papers is primarily biological but papers covering limnology, policy and socio-economic aspects of fresh waters are acceptable if they are relevant to our understanding or management of fresh water biology. Fresh water is interpreted widely, embracing all inland waters including lakes, ponds and reservoirs, rivers and streams, as well as saline and caustic lakes, brackish waters, interstitial and groundwater environments.

Published by: Freshwater Biological Association
Frequency: Twice per year (online and print).
ISSN: 1755-084X
DOI range: 10.1608



News: Special Issue – Call for papers on EU Water Framework Directive

Potential authors are encouraged to submit review papers on the topic of EU Water Framework Directive.  
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