Vol 1, No 2 (2008)

Review Papers

Editorial Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Colin Reynolds,
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.289 | Pages: ii
The developmental history of inland-water science Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jack Talling
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.1 | Pages: 119-141
The role of biota in shaping the phosphorus cycle in lakes Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Vera Istvanovics
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.2 | Pages: 143-174
Managing multiple stressors on sites with special protection for freshwater wildlife – the concept of Limits of Liability Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Chris Mainstone, Stewart J Clarke
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.3 | Pages: 175-187
The ecology of riffle beetles (Coleoptera: Elmidae). Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Malcolm Elliott
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.4 | Pages: 189-203
Checklists and their importance for recording freshwater vascular plants: the British experience Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDIX 1
Ray Goulder
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.5 | Pages: 205-225

Book Reviews

Desmids of the Lowlands: Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae of the European Lowlands FULL TEXT PDF
Elizabeth Haworth
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-1.2.6 | Pages: 227