Vol 5, No 1 (2012)

Review Papers

Editorial Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Colin Reynolds
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-5.1.523 | Pages: iii-iv
Freshwater phytoplankton ecology: the British contribution in retrospect Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jack Talling
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-5.1.453 | Pages: 1-20
‘Killer shrimps’, dangerous experiments and misguided introductions; how freshwater shrimp (Crustacea: Amphipoda) invasions threaten biological water quality monitoring in the British Isles Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Calum MacNeil, Pieter Boets, Dirk Platvoet
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-5.1.457 | Pages: 21-35
Subsidy or subtraction: how do terrestrial inputs influence consumer production in lakes? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF APPENDICES
Stuart Edward Jones, Christopher Solomon, Brian Weidel
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-5.1.475 | Pages: 37-49
Stygobitic invertebrates in groundwater – a review from a hydrogeological perspective Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Louise Maurice, John Bloomfield
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-5.1.443 | Pages: 51-71