Freshwater Reviews, Vol 4, No 1 (2011)

Atlantic salmon ecology

Malcolm Elliott
DOI: 10.1608/FRJ-4.1.429 | Pages: 81-83


Some may question the need for yet another book on Atlantic salmon.  This book supports a definite ‘yes’, because it is the most comprehensive treatise on Atlantic salmon ecology.  It not only provides a detailed account of their ecology, but also deals with threats to their ecology as a result of human activity.  All the editors are from Norway and the financial sponsors of the book are The Research Council of Norway, The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management, and the Atlantic Salmon Centre.  All seventeen chapters have more than one author with a total of 45 authors; 26 from Norway and 19 from a wide range of countries.  I was slightly puzzled as to why the alphabetical list of contributors is arranged in order of their first names rather than the usual surnames, especially when the latter system is used for the list of reviewers!  There is a very useful glossary of all the major technical terms used in the text.  The book is beautifully produced with lots of coloured photographs and figures.  I especially liked the use of boxes to explain technical and/or theoretical subjects.