Vol 11, No 1 (1998)


The distribution of aquatic bugs (Hemiptera-Heteroptera) in Scotland Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Thomas Huxley
A GEOPASS-NERC project on diatom deposition and sediment accumulation in Lake Biakal, Siberia Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Roger Flower, Richard Battarbee, Joan Lees, Olga Levina, David Jewson, Anson Mackay, David Ryves, Michael Sturm, Elena Vologina
The ionic composition of surface waters in the English Lake District, related to bedrock geology, with some singular facts and speculation on the existence of mineral-rich groundwaters Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
David Sutcliffe
"Rapid and dramatic changes in vegetation" of a small pond on Holy Island (Northumbria): chaotic dynamics? Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Michael Jeffries
Procedures to prevent the occurrence of potentially dangerous situation during the operation of the Mackereth 1-metre mini or short sediment corer Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
John Hilton, Peter Allen
Life-history strategies of pike in a high-altitude Loch in Scotland Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jim Treasurer
Plankton associated with medusae of the freshwater jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbyi (Lankester) in a Thames backwater Abstract FULL TEXT PDF
Jim Green