Freshwater Forum, Vol 5, No 1 (1995)

A decade of studies at Loch Fleet, Galloway (Scotland): a catchment liming project and restoration of a brown trout fishery

Gwyneth Howells, Tom Dalziel


Loch Fleet is a small upland lake in the hills of Galloway, in southwest
Scotland (see photograph on the front cover of this issue, and Figs 1-3).
The waters of the loch became more acidic in the 1970s and a brown
trout fishery in the loch had failed. The following account, intended for
the general reader, summarises an experimental project designed to
reverse acidification of the loch by liming parts of the catchment, and we
describe briefly the changes that have occurred in limed soils on the
catchment, water chemistry in streams supplying the loch, the reestablishment
of the trout fishery, and some associated changes in
terrestrial and wetland ecosystems on the catchment.