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A. Pentecost (born 1948)

Academic profile

Schools attended:
1952-55 Charles Street Primary, Southborough
1955-60 St Peters School, Southborough
1960-61 Ridgewaye School, Southborough
1961-67 Tunbridge Wells Technical School

Higher education and fellowships etc:
1967-71 Scholarship in physics and chemistry, Imperial College London
1967-68 Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, University of London
1968-1971 Royal College of Science. BSc Hons class 1. Botany (spec. plant physiology) and Associate of the Royal College of Science.
1971-75 University College of North Wales, Marine Science Laboratories PhD in algal ecophysiology under G.E. Fogg FRS.
1975-78 School of Plant Biology, University College of North Wales, Bangor.
1975-78 NERC Research Assistantship with Dr. C. Wood. Algal ecophysiology.
1978 Lectureship Chelsea College, University of London (later King's College London) specialising in algal ecology, ecoststem modelling
1998 Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
1999 DSc in Geomicrobiology and algal ecophysiology, University of London.
2000 Readership in Geomicrobiology at King's College.
2007 Emeritus Reader Kings College London.
2007 Honorary Research Fellow of the Freshwater Biological Association.

Current research activities based mainly at the Freshwater Biological Association, Cumbria.

These include:
A review of the subaerial cyanobacteria (jointly with BA Whitton) exploring adaptations to water stress, high irradiance and temperature, analysing communities, nutrient relationships and inorganic carbon acquisition, colonisiation, endolithic activity and bio-erosion.

Changes in the fossil algal flora in postglacial marl deposits from Malham Tarn, Yorkshire, relating these to climate and human-induced catchment change over the past 8000 years.


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