SEFS12 Success!

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

The latest installation of the Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, better known as SEFS, was held this July for the first time as a virtual conference. While this move was primarily a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it allowed for the freshwater science community to come together and share their research on a broader scale than we have ever seen in the history of SEFS. The week-long conference saw delegates from over 40 countries in Europe, with presentations from researchers and practitioners across 35 countries being delivered in parallel sessions covering topics in freshwater such as citizen science, invertebrate biodiversity, carbon cycling and climate, invasive species, and agriculture. Complementary workshops were also held throughout the week, allowing delegates to collaborate and share their experiences with one another. Delegates were also encouraged to interact in the community hub and networking sessions, as well as browse posters submitted by researchers. As a first foray into virtual conferencing for SEFS, this event was a spectacular success and all our thanks and appreciation go to colleagues in Dublin and the team at Abbey Conference and Events who made the event such a joy to join.

A taste of SEFS12 - we attended a fantastic range of talks throughout the week, as well as running our exhibit where we got to chat with visitors about the FBA.

We were happy to be able to offer prizes for outstanding delegates who presented their research at the event. Alongside our regular submission of the Colin Reynolds Prize for Best Oral Presentation, a 500 euro cash donation to an Early Career Researcher to help support their research into the future, we also supplied FBA publications and underwater cameras for other fantastic contributors at the conference. The winners were as follows:

Best Early Career Researcher Oral Presentation – Tobias Kuhlmann Andersen for their presentation on ‘Simulating lake restoration: benefits and challenges of applying lake ecosystem models’. Tobias was awarded the Colin Reynolds Prize as well as two publications of their choosing from the FBA. They also received a Diploma, Ireland’s Rivers and the Limnetica collection.

2nd place was awarded to Devanshi Pethak for their presentation ‘High-resolution river water quality modelling to estimate ecosystem metabolism in lowland rivers’. Devanshi received two FBA publications as well as Ireland’s Rivers and the Limnetica collection.

3rd place was awarded to Brendan McSorley for their presentation on ‘The Citizen Science Stream Index – a novel, simple, biomonitoring protocol for non-experts’. Brendan also received two FBA publications for their efforts.

Best Poster – Marina Tomas-Martin was awarded first prize for their poster titled ‘Seasonal Drivers of Aquatic Invertebrate Assemblages of a Naturalized Pond Network’. Marina was awarded by the FBA with a fantastic Nikon Coolpix AW100 underwater camera.

2nd place was awarded to Pau Fortuno for their poster ‘What is a river? Impact of RiuNet app on Student’s Mental Models’, while 3rd place was given to Julia Velazquez Risueno for ‘Integrative Taxonomy of Triops Present in Valencian Temporary Ponds’.

Gamification – prizes were also offered to conference delegates who interacted the most with the virtual portal during the week. We were delighted to gift Rebecca Oester with a Nikon Coolpix AW100 underwater camera for her engagement.

A huge congratulations to all of the winners from SEFS12!

We are delighted to announce that the FBA will be hosting SEFS13 in 2023, from 19th to 23rd of June in Newcastle, UK. We are excited to see SEFS13 return to the UK, and cannot wait to meet the next cohort of freshwater researchers in two years’ time. Make sure to visit our new SEFS website:

Here you can find out more about Newcastle and the venue, as well as subscribe to receive updates about the conference.