Alarmingly, there has been an "84% collapse in freshwater species populations since 1970" 

The Living Planet Report 2020

By becoming a member you will be helping us to protect freshwaters and ensure a healthy future for our river and lake habitats

Join the FBA as a member and become an integral part of an exciting international community of freshwater scientists, environmental professionals, freshwater enthusiasts and people who care about the environment in which they live. This community is focused on the betterment and repair of freshwater environments, while offering a welcoming place for all members to learn and grow. Whatever your level of interest, you will be welcomed and valued as a member of one of the most influential freshwater charities housed within the United Kingdom. Not only will you receive exclusive benefits but you will also fund our important work at the very forefront of freshwater science and education.

There are various levels of membership so we can cater to as many people and groups as possible: 


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As a member, you'll not only advance the understanding of fresh waters around the world but also help protect them for future generations.


Individual Membership

Individual Membership

From £4 per month! 


This membership is suitable for an individual with an interest in and passion for freshwater science.

Individual Membership

Student Membership

From £1.95 per month! 



This membership is suitable for a student in higher education, interested in or studying freshwater.

Family Membership

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This membership is offered to families of two adults and two children under 16.

Small Organisation Membershiphip

Small Educational Organisation/Charity Membership

From £4.50 per month! 


This special membership is offered exclusively to
small educational organisations and charities.

Corporate Membership

Business & University

Starting at £27.50 per month! 


Open to businesses, organisations or universities.

Pricing subject to services required.



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