Join us for our new FBA Webinar series, where you will hear talks from our Fellows and staff about their ongoing work in the freshwater realm. From river health, to microbial communities, this set of webinars will introduce you to a diverse range of studies in freshwater science and beyond, while also giving you an insight into some of the people behind the FBA.

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The current webinar series aims to explore the biographies of our appointed Fellows and provide us with a valuable insight into their careers within the freshwater realm.

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Past webinars

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The FBA Fellows & Projects Series

This webinar series highlights some of the projects that the FBA currently participates in and aims to explore the biographies of our appointed Fellows, providing a valuable insight into their careers and involvement within the freshwater realm.

Webinar JMB

Constancy and Change in River Ecology

Dr. John Murray-Bligh, National Ecology Advisor and FBA Fellow, describes how his work has changed, alongside the latest developments of RIVPACS. 

Broadcast Date: 7th October 2020


Reading Pigment Warning Signals in Lake Sediments

Suzanne McGowan, Prof. of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Nottingham, Research Associate at the British Geological Survey & FBA Fellow discusses pigments in lake sediments.

Broadcast Date: 2nd December 2020



'A Life in Streams' by Professor Alan Hildrew

Professor Alan Hildrew discusses his long established career in freshwater science, his involvement with the FBA, the caddis days, EFFS and more.

Broadcast Date: 7th April 2021



'Global Change in Aquatic Ecosystems' by Assoc. Professor Michelle Jackson

Assoc. Professor Michelle Jackson gives an overview of her career and discusses the global change in aquatic ecosystems.

Broadcast Date: 9th June 2021



'Tales from the Riverbank'
by Dr.Paul Raven

Dr. Paul Raven discusses his career in freshwater science and policy, spanning three decades from 1980 - 2010

Broadcast Date: 15th September 2021



Individual Membership

Walking with Diatoms by Martyn Kelly

Dr. Martyn Kelly, freshwater ecologist, fine artist and FBA Fellow discusses his work in the complex world of benthic microbial communities.

Broadcast Date: 28th October 2020



Biodiversity of Dynamic 'Temporary' Rivers

Rachel Stubbington Assoc. Prof. in Ecology & Environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University & FBA Fellow, describes her work in the biodiversity of dynamic 'temporary' rivers.

Broadcast Date: 13th January 2021



'The Riverfly Partnership' by Alex Domenge

Alex Domenge discusses how the the Riverfly Partnership was created, its history, function, the latest partnerships to date, and more.

Broadcast Date: 28th April 2021



'Diatoms, Mud and Lakes in Time and Space' by Professor Rick Battarbee FRS

Professor Rick Battarbee FRS outlines his involvement in the development and use of paleolimnological methods to provide insights into lake history.

Broadcast Date: 30th June 2021



'Guddling About Exploring Freshwater Habitats & Their Inhabitants' by Craig Macadam

Craig Macadam gives a brief overview of his career to date and explores his work with mayflies, stoneflies and more.

Broadcast Date: 27th October 2021



Steve Ormerod - Global Change

Global Change & River Ecosystems

Prof. Steve Ormerod, Freshwater Ecologist, Deputy Chair of NRW, V.P. of the RSPB, Chairman of Buglife & FBA Fellow discusses freshwater conservation & global change.

Broadcast Date: 18th November 2020



Freshwater Pearl Mussel Conservation

From restoration and rearing to reintroductions and reinforcements, Dr. Louise Lavictoire provides a fascinating insight into the FBA's invaluable work in pearl mussel conservation.

Broadcast Date: 24th February 2021



'The Changing Face of River Restoration' by Dr Judy England

Dr Judy England gives an overview of her career and discusses how river restoration has changed over the years.

Broadcast Date: 19th May 2021



'The Rocky Littoral of Windermere' by Dr. Allan Pentecost

Dr. Allan Pentecost discusses the rocky littoral of windermere and talks about some of the plants that grow there.

Broadcast Date: 25th August 2021



'What's Wrong With Midges?'
by Steve Brooks

Steve talks about chironomids (non-biting midges) and how they're an effective climate change indicator

Broadcast Date: 17th November 2021