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Freshwater Interest Groups

The following freshwater groups are open to anyone with an interest in the ecology and biology of streams, rivers, ponds, wetlands, lakes and canals, including academics, consultants, government agencies, planners and specialist interest groups. The aims of the groups are to: increase awareness of the range of freshwater ecology work being undertaken in their region, to provide opportunities for discussion among a spectrum of practitioners, and act as an impetus for future collaborative work and knowledge exchange between different parties.

Scottish Freshwater Group
Pauline Lang

London Freshwater Group
Carl Sayer

British Ecological Society - Aquatic Ecology Special Interest Group
Michelle Jackson and Emma Ransome

Royal Entomological Society Aquatic Insects Special Interest Group
Craig Macadam

Bug Life
Craig Macadam

The European Pond Conservation Network

Alliance for Freshwater Life

Coming soon:

North East Freshwater Group, Norfolk/East Anglia Freshwater Group and South West Freshwater Group.

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European Federation for Freshwater Sciences

The European Federation for Freshwater Sciences (EFFS) is a platform for collaboration of freshwater scientists across Europe. Established in the late 90s, their overarching aim as a federation is 'the promotion of freshwater sciences throughout Europe, through facilitating improved communication and collaboration among scientists', which they achieve through arranging regular meetings and symposia for those studying and working in freshwater science. 

Every two years, EFFS hosts the event, SEFS. The Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, otherwise known as SEFS, was first held in 1999 in Belgium and attended by around 200 participants. Initially started as a collaboration amongst European freshwater associations to fulfil a need for scientists to regularly meet, share research and network, it has now blossomed in attendance and thus has becoming an increasing wealth of knowledge. The symposia puts a huge emphasis on encouraging young researchers, in a relaxed and inclusive environment. EFFS uses this fantastic event as an opportunity to distribute prizes to new and upcoming freshwater scientists, which in turn assists in the development of their careers and practical research. 

You can learn more about the history of EFFS here. We regularly provide updates and details for upcoming SEFS, so keep an eye out on our website and social media! 

Are you a young freshwater researcher? You can join the European Young and Fresh Researchers (EFYR), a community of early career researchers (undergraduate, masters, PhD and postdoc students) working within EFFS to help encourage collaboration and establish contacts across Europe. You can find out more, and get in touch with EFYR representatives here