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Elizabeth Haworth

Job Title:

Honorary Fellow:

Fritsch Collection Curator

Address: FBA, The Ferry Landing, Far Sawrey, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0LP
Telephone: 01539442468










I came to the FBA as an M.Sc. student in September 1965, supervised by Dr J W G Lund FRS and studied the diatoms of Blea Tarn sediments.  After a year at the Univ. of  Minnesota, I returned to join the Palaeolimnology group headed by Winifred Tutin FRS in 1968. My interests have been diatom taxonomy, ecology and environmental history; eutrophication, acidification and climate change.  I took early retirement from NERC and have an Honorary FBA Fellowship.  Most of my time is as Curator of the Fritsch Collection of Algal Illustrations ( ); entering new records, answering queries and slowly checking and digitising the records.  I am a Life Member of FBA.

Research Interests

  • Algal taxonomy
  • Diatom ecology
  • Environmetal History

Selected Publications

  • Barber, H.G. & Haworth, E.Y.  (1981)  A guide to the morphology of the diatom frustule.  Freshwat. biol. Assoc. Scient. Pub. 44, pp 112.
  • Haworth, E.Y. & Lishman, J.P. (l991).  Recent changes to upland tarns in the English Lake District.  Hydrobiologia 214, 181-186.
  • van der Post, K.D., Oldfield, F., Haworth, E.Y., Crooks, P.J. & Appleby, P.G. (1997)   A record of accelerated erosion in the recent sediments of Blelham Tarn in the English Lake District. J. Palaeolimnology 18, 103-120.
  • Haworth, E.Y., de Boer, G., Evans, I.S., Osmaston, H. Pennington, W., Smith A., Storey, P. &   Ware, B. (2003).  Tarns of the Central Lake District; depth surveys and their environmental context.  Brathay Exploration Group Trust, Ambleside pp 204.
  • Kelly, M.G. & Haworth, E.Y. (2002) Bacillariophyta – the Diatoms. In: The freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles; eds D. John, B.A. Whitton & A.J. Brook, Cambridge University Press.273-277.
  • Gibson, C.E., Anderson, N.J. & Haworth, E.Y. (2003).  Aulacoseira subarctica: taxonomy, physiology, ecology and palaeoecology. European J. Phycology 38, 83-101.


  • B.SC. Hons in Botany at UCNW Bangor
  • M.Sc. University of Wales
  • Ph.D. Leicester


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