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Freshwater Recorders and Schemes Project

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Cave Life Leaflet

A new guide to cave life in Britain has been written by Lee Knight (Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme) and produced by the FBA and is available to download as a PDF. If  you would like any further information about recording cave life please contact Lee (

The Freshwater Recorders and Schemes Project is dedicated to providing support to volunteer recorders of freshwater information

The key aims of the project are:

Aims for societies and recording schemes

 • To improve availability of core support and materials for recorders' activities, especially for recruitment, training and data management, while respecting their independence and the voluntary nature of their work

 • To develop further recording schemes and to facilitate their integration with existing schemes

 • To raise the public profile of freshwater species and their recording

 • To improve quality and quantity of information on freshwater species groups to agreed standards

 • To increase the number of people producing good quality information in the study of freshwater species

Aims associated with the potential users of freshwater species information

 • To improve access to high quality information on a broader range of freshwater species

 • To improve the cost-effective delivery of information to a broader range of users, e.g. via the world wide web

 • To make sure that our work is as socially inclusive as possible

 • To improve liaison with and integration of data with preexisting datasets

 • To improve engagement between interested members of the public and specialist groups

About Us | Contact Us | Site Map |

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