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P.D. Armitage

Academic Profile and Experience

1961-1964 University of London (External).  BSc Hons (Ist Class) Zoology.
1964-1969 University of London (External).  PhD.
1997 University of London DSc.
2003-2006 Honorary Professor Department of Geography, Kings College London.


1959-61 Glaxo Laboratories, Anaerobic Vaccines Unit Laboratory Technician.
1964-66 Invertebrate community ecology of lake in S. Finland (data collected for External London University PhD - based at Helsinki University and financed by one grant from UNESCO and two from the University of Helsinki.
1966-67 University of Exeter - Marine littoral ecology Lyme Regis Axmouth NNR Financed by NERC grant.
1968-69 Publications Department, Zoological Society of London.
1969-70 Information Retrieval Ltd, 38 Chancery Lane, London WC2.  Abstract compiler.
1970- 2000 Invertebrate zoologist with Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (formerly Freshwater Biological Association, then Institute of Freshwater Ecology). Pure and applied aspects of the ecology of freshwater benthos in lakes, streams and reservoirs The effects of regulation of natural flows (through abstraction or impoundment) on invertebrate communities and habitat relations.Development and application of environmental assessment methods (RIVPACS).Taxonomy and morphology of Chironomidae.  Chironomid nuisance studies.
2000-present Honorary Research Fellow Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and Freshwater Biological Association Environmental quality of streams in relation to land use. Small freshwater habitats.

Current research activities based mainly at the Freshwater Biological Association River Laboratory in Dorset UK.

Including:- studies of macroinvertebrate communities in small streams, temporary waterbodies and wetlands in relation to land-use and management. The effects of sediment deposition on instream biota. Use of sub-fossil chironomidae as indicators of palaeo flow regimes.


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