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Regional Freshwater Group meetings announced

The next meeting of the Scottish Freshwater Group will be at the University of Stirling on Thursday, 4th April. For details and a programme, see:

The following day (Friday 5th April), the West Midlands and North West England Freshwater Group meeting will be held at the University of Manchester. To see the agenda and abstracts, and to register, go to:

The London Freshwater Group will be meeting on Friday 22nd March at the Natural History Museum, to celebrate its 40th anniversary; details will follow when the timetable is confirmed.

FBA job opportunity

The project, called ‘Clear Waters - an oral history of people's understanding of change in the Lake District’, will explore the living history of the lakes of Cumbria and the changes they have gone through over the past 50/60 years. The project will start in April 2013. More information

Revised invasive shrimp guide now available

An updated version of the guide to invasive freshwater shrimps and isopods is now available, including new aids to identifying the demon shrimp Dikerogammarus haemobaphes. It is free to download from:

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