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Book now for our upcoming training course: Freshwater fish: assessment of condition and ageing' & 'Fish health, parasites and disease'

The FBA are running a one day training course on 'Freshwater fish: assessment of condition and ageing' and a one day training course on 'Fish health, parasites and disease' on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th October 2014, respectively, at the FBA, Windermere. Places are still available on the course. To find out more details and to book a place, please go to or contact us at

Pearl mussels on Countryfile

Last night (17 August 2014) a freshwater pearl mussel population in Northern Ireland featured on Countryfile - did anyone catch it? The picture of the glochidia encysted on salmonid gills was taken by staff at the FBA and we're really pleased that the Ballinderry Rivers Trust are releasing 500 young mussels back into the Ballinderry.

Latest issue of FBA News is out now!

The latest issue of FBA News (Summer 2014, No. 63) has now been published and, if you are a Member, should be arriving on your doormat shortly, or via email as a PDF today. If you have not signed up for a print copy, you will automatically receive a PDF version via email - if you do not receive it, please let us know at Please also notify us at if you change your email address, so we can update our records accordingly.

If you would like to receive this membership benefit, why not join the FBA? Please visit for further details.

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