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Small research grant - Gilson Le Cren Memorial Award 2015

A reminder to FBA members that those wishing to apply for the Gilson Le Cren Memorial Award 2015 should submit their application between 16 October and 16 November 2014. The Gilson Le Cren Award is an annual grant (up to £4000) given by the FBA to support scientific research into freshwater biology. For further details, go to:

Pearl Mussels at the FBA have already released glochidia

Six out of seven mussel populations from the ARK project have already encysted our fish. Encystments have been observed in salmon, trout and arctic charr. The glochidia are now 70-80 microns in length, still a long way to go until they reach the sufficient size to drop off (400 microns in length).

FBA Chief Executive Position (position now filled)

The Freshwater Biological Association is currently recruiting for the position of Chief Executive. The FBA is a charity dedicated to the understanding and the sustainable management of fresh waters around the globe.
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