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NEW! 2019 Course programme

Our list of upcoming courses - including a new Introduction to Adult Caddisflies, with tutor Stuart Crofts, whose new book has just been published, as well as a new 3-day course on Stoneflies, Mayflies and Caddis flies, with tutors Craig McAdam, Richard Chadd and Sharon Flint.

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2019 NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording

“Nominate an outstanding wildlife recorder for an NBN Award! Hurry – closes 11 August”

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) is accepting nominations for the NBN Awards for Wildlife Recording 2019. These awards were developed in 2015 by the National Biodiversity Network Trust, the National Forum for Biological Recording and the Biological Records Centre to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups in our sector. Following the success of the last four years’ awards, we are excited by the prospect of even more nominations for amazing people in 2019!

Award categories

Bioblitz at the River Lab footage

Great short clip of the Bioblitz activity at River Lab last July. See John Davy-Bowker explaining the importance of the freshwater environment to Chris Packham here.

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