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The FBA Unpublished Collections

Water samples from Lake Titicaca taken in 1937
Water samples from Lake Titicaca taken in 1937
The West Collection of Algal Samples

The FBA has a number of collections of specimens, museum pieces, historic data and archives covering many of the most prominent freshwater scientists and the development of freshwater science, collectively referred to as the Unpublished Collection (for example the water samples pictured on the right were taken from Lake Titicaca in 1937). Thanks to generous donations of well known researchers such as Frost, Jenkin, Macan, Pearsall and Reynolds, the Collection contains a large number of field notebooks, unpublished data, correspondence, drawings, photographs, specimens and samples. Currently the Collection comprises 16 four-drawer filing cabinets, four plan chests, 650 standard size archive boxes, 300 slightly smaller correspondence boxes and 20 metres of reference samples on shelving. The Collection also houses the corporate archive of the FBA.

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