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Data and Information Services Advisory Group

The FBA's Data and Information Services are managed by FBA staff members Dr Michael Haft and Information Scientist, Isabelle Charmantier, advising them in their role is the Data and Information Services Advisory Group which is comprised of academics, data management experts and librarians.

Data and Information are of key importance to the FBA in acheiving it's charitable objectives, with the advent of new technologies following the creation of the World Wide Web, storing and using data has come to the forefront of how science is conducted. The first decade of the 21st century has seen a convergence of types of information once thought of as distinctly separate objects with different means of dissemination amongst the scientific community. This realisation has lead the FBA more and more towards the view that it's physical assets such as the FBA Library and it's electronic expertise with data are a part of one and the same thing, namely the FBA's Data and Information Services.

With this in mind, the Data and Information Services Advisory Group was originally created in September 2010 and was established to combine three different existing groups working with the FBA in this area: The FreshwaterLife Core Group; The FBA Library Advisory Group and the FISHNet Project Steering Committee.

DISAG is currently comprised of the following members:

  • Dr Bill Brierley, FBA (Chair)
  • Dr Phil Warren, Sheffield
  • Richard Chadd, Environment Agency
  • Gina Douglas, Linnean Society
  • Dr Iwan Jones,  QMUL
  • Ian Pettman, Pettman Associates
  • Dr Mark Hedges, KCL

In addition to the core members guests are invited to attend DISAG meetings as and when appropriate.

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