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Colin Reynolds, MBE, D.Sc., FSB, C.I.Biol.

Also: Fellow of the Ecology Institute (Germany); Winner of the 1994 Ecology Prize; Naumann-Thienemann Laureate of The International Association of Limnologists 2001.

Acting Director of FBA 1997-98. Convenor, European Federation for Freshwater Sciences 1999 - 2009 . Numerous committees/boards overseeing learned societies and scientific publications. Active member of OFWAT Customer Liaison Committee for the North West, 1990 – 2000.

Author of 3 books, most recently, The Ecology of Phytoplankton, 2006)2m ; editor (or co-editor) of six books; author (or co-author) of 254 published papers plus 165 unpublished contract reports. Member of EA (or NRA) expert groups, notably that that produced the 1991 report on Toxic blue-green algae; member of the IMSA panel on Phosphorus relations of lakes. Author of software used by EA and many others (PACGAP, PROTECH, METABOLAKE etc.).

Experience: Vacation employment with Expertise:

Initially, freshwater phytoplankton ecology; broadened to many aspects of physiology, life-history and taxonomy; indicator species and communities; process-based community models. Early specialism in the ecology and dynamics of bloom-forming Cyanobacteria. Limnological experience covers zooplankton, larval fish; shallow lakes, high-altitude lakes, rivers; has underatken limnological survey work in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay; Republic of Ireland; has collaborated with scientists of other disciplines (especially physics of water motion); has collaborated with biological oceanographers; has taught in the field (two years with F.S.C.), lectured widely, at scientific meetings and by numerous invitations; has taught specialist courses for the water industry at home and in the Republic of Ireland and for students in Australia, Germany, Argentina and Uruguay. Has supervised six doctoral students, examined another dozen, at home and abroad. MBE citation “for services to the customers of the water industry”. He has served on two local authorities for a total of 18 years (1980-98); Colin was Mayor of Kendal, Cumbria, 1992-93. He was made a Visiting Professor of Geography at the University of Reading in 1994 and of Limnology at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1995.

Current activities Besides FBA, Colin is currently also an honorary research fellow of the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology. Present interests: Adaptive traits of phytoplankton in and its role in influencing responses to environmental constraints and pattern recognition in plankton population ecology in aquatic habitats, lakes reservoirs and rivers.

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